Frequently Asked Questions

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The creation and maintenance of a stable therapeutic relationship is essential in order for the individual to feel comfort, freedom and safety in order to express their thoughts and personal experiences. Through the sessions you slowly and steadily build a trusting relationship in order to establish a therapeutic alliance.

In Greece, Law 991/19, article 9, has established the professional secrecy of the Psychologist, which provides that: "The psychologist must maintain absolute confidentiality about everything he learns or perceives in the exercise of his profession".

In addition, the Personal Data Protection Authority no.31/2008 decided that psychologists are responsible for the processing of sensitive data files and are obliged by Law 2474/1997 as processors of such data.

The services provided in the office follow, including Greek Law, the codes of conduct of the following companies/organisations:
European Family Therapy Association


American Psychological Association

National Society of Psychotherapy of Greece

Association of Greek Psychologists

The therapeutic relationship that develops between the psychologist and the client is characterized by trust, receiving and sharing of sensitive personal data, which in no case can and should not be subject to judicial review.

In order to ensure the therapeutic relationship, the profession of Psychologist was added to paragraph 1 of article 400 of the Code of Civil Procedure (Law 4842, issue B, 13-10-2021, article 19) to the witnesses who are exempted from judicial examination.

Any person may request a psychological assessment report for him or herself or for a minor child, provided that he or she has full custody of the child. In the case of joint custody, written consent is required.

There is the option for people in remote areas or with difficulty in moving to have meetings remotely via skype or zoom.

Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes. The determination of the frequency and duration of the sessions is agreed upon and is reflected in the treatment plan that we formulate together.