Parents' counselling

Parent counselling aims to support parents both on a personal level (changes they experience themselves) and to help their child to mature emotionally, to strengthen their psycho-emotional state and to restore family harmony. Through it, parents become aware of their own parenting style, identifying those points that work and those that prove less beneficial in each type of family (classical, single-parent, reconstituted, complex, etc.).

Parent Counseling - Angelos Papaloudis

A study in The Journal Of Family Therapy (2014) argues that parent counselling can be useful for, among other things:

Difficulty communicating or expressing emotions.
Conflicts between children.
Low self-confidence.
Marital issues.
Adaptation difficulties.
Psycho-emotional support (e.g. for bullying, anxiety, school refusal-phobia etc.).
Developing functional relationships after divorce.
Management of chronic illness/bereavement.

Developing healthy bonds, improving the way family members communicate, defining the role of individuals in the family, enhancing the dynamics and relationships of family system members, identifying dysfunctional interactions and enhancing conflict management are some of the benefits of parenting counselling.