Couples Therapy

We mingle on the basis of our similarities but we grow on the basis of our differences.

Virginia Satir

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy which aims to help couples to recognise and deal with various challenges, so that through communication they can improve their relationship and manage future situations. After all, couples almost always have problems. The existence of problems is an indication of both the dynamics and the prospects of a relationship. Only 'old' relationships do not have problems.

Couples Therapy - Angelos Papaloudis

What is couples therapy?

For every couple, life together is an affair that hides its own challenges. It is to be expected that disagreements and difficulties will arise during cohabitation. But when a couple is unable to communicate and deal with them together, serious functional issues begin to arise for each relationship. Couples therapy aims to improve communication between partners, with the goal of achieving a harmonious life and resolving the problems they face, with equal communication and understanding as the main pillars.

Who is couple psychotherapy for?

Couples therapy is for people who are in a relationship and are seeking support to address various challenges, improve communication and ensure a quality relationship as a whole.

What is the frequency and duration of the sessions?

Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. The determination of the frequency and duration of the sessions is mutually agreed upon and is reflected in the treatment plan that we jointly formulate.

There is the possibility of co-therapy with the presence of two therapists.